$25,000+ in Annual Savings with Milling Packaging Redesign

Project Background

A milling customer sought out Mozaik to consult on a new way to package and ship its mills since they began experiencing escalated costs of shipping materials, including wood, foam, and corrugated. When combined with increased unit volumes and warehouse space limitations, the lead time to obtain cost-effective packaging caused delays in customers’ orders. 

Services & Solutions

Mozaik presented a new design option that eliminated wood reinforcements and the overall amount of foam and size of the corrugated box needed for delivery. Furthermore, by setting up a Just-In-Time program for the customer, packaging and pallets were delivered at the same time, allowing the customer to meet its lead time and scale more effectively.

Outcome & Results

The milling customer was able to have releases ready on a Just-In-Time basis as opposed to a 2-3 week lead time and was able to reduce receiving tasks and safety stock. Mozaik also contributed to:

  • Savings of $25,000+ in annual packaging
  • Reduction in packaging cost per set by 38%
  • Increase warehouse space (due to reduced packaging size)

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