Reimagined Packaging Solution Leads to Reduced Labor and Material Costs

Project Background

An Amazon Online Merchant reached out to Mozaik to redesign their mailer box. With an average distribution of between 900-1,400 LED Car Headlight Conversion Kits per day, each with approximately a dozen SKUs, efficiency was a top priority. The merchant was currently using a standard UPS/FedEx mailing box which required the assembly line of workers to use tape and staples to construct each box for shipment.

Services & Solutions

Mozaik redesigned the merchant’s current solution and delivered packaging that didn’t require tape or staples as part of the assembly. Instead, the new design allowed each box to stay partially open as it traveled down the assembly line. At the end of the assembly line, each newly designed mailer box was then taped close with an automatic machine that used the exact amount necessary on every package.

Outcome & Results

As a result of the redesign, Mozaik created a more efficient fill process and production flow and equipped the merchant to:

  • Use less labor and raw material to assemble
  • Improve assembly line efficiency
  • Increase number of products shipped

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