Kung Fu Panda Media Kit Design Contributes to Movie Success

Project Background

A public relations company needed a media kit to coincide with the release of the movie Kung Fu Panda. They turned to Mozaik to create a seamless integration of art, swatches, printing materials, and digital media, at a highly confidential level to prevent design work from being leaked to the public.

Services & Solutions

Mozaik spearheaded the project and coordinated the collection of all components while ensuring the format and final revisions were approved by all necessary department heads. After approval of prototypes, Mozaik also attended all press checks and oversaw the production and completion of the required media kits.

Outcome & Results

The media kits contributed to the successful release of the movie and franchise. Mozaik delivered:

  • Unique materials and composition for the design
  • On-time delivery despite multiple iterations
  • Seamless process aligned with the movie release timeline

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