Wall Appliance Box & Pallet Redesign Reduces Packaging Time by 75%

Project Background

A global large appliances manufacturer consulted with Mozaik on their assembly line packaging process. Their two main products weighed hundreds of pounds and were previously built piece-by-piece on top of plywood and wood pedestals. Upon assembly completion, the product would then be hoisted up and placed in a box which was a very labor-intensive process requiring two production workers. 

Services & Solutions

Mozaik custom designed a universal conventional wooden pallet, which the customer built the appliance on from the ground up. The entire unit, including the bottom unit of the packaging,  was rolled down the assembly line station by station. Once the appliance reached the end of the assembly line, a Mozaik-designed corrugated box was slid over the top of the appliance and attached to the custom wooden pallet and ready for shipment.

Outcome & Results

Mozaik’s redesign eliminated the need for heavy machinery while increasing the structural integrity of the packaging to protect the appliances during transit. It reduced:

  • Total time spent packaging by 75%
  • Employee production needed by 50%
  • Product damage during transit by 63%

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