New Product Protection Packaging Reduces Cost for Electronic Manufacturer

Project Background

A global manufacturer of LED electronic screens needed a solution to reduce the amount of damaged items during transit, while also reducing the cost and complexity of their packaging. The screens were very fragile and had to be protected during transit. The manufacturer reached out to Mozaik to redesign their original packaging design, which consisted of a corrugated box and a large hand cut Polylam foam insert with two Polylam pads.

Services & Solutions

Mozaik’s newly designed product packaging replaced the foam inserts with a custom corrugated insert that offered better protection at a substantially lower cost. As additional value-adds to the customer, Mozaik instituted a Just-In-Time program in a different state to better service their unique lead-time requirements. And, also, created a specialized website that allows the customer’s purchasing team to order at any given time from anywhere in the country and receive Next Day or Same Day deliveries.

Outcome & Results

Mozaik redesigned product packaging from the ground up, plus streamlined lead-time and purchasing solutions, which led to:

  • Savings of close to $1,000,000 in the first year
  • Reduced lead times and damaged items
  • Simplified ordering for the purchasing team

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