Mozaik Takes Lead on Primary Packaging Creation for Skincare Launch

Project Background

A skincare company approached Mozaik with a startup project. With no current packaging or a designer, they needed someone to conceptualize and deliver on their ideas. They had a target market and a launch date in mind with a short window of time to get primary packaging for their products and influencer kit for their social media clients. 

Services & Solutions

Mozaik utilized its network of sheet plants and designers to expedite three concepts for each style of carton and review options with the customer. Following feedback, the customer’s dedicated account manager worked with the vendor to create a final product that encompassed all 3 designs. Mozaik walked the customer through the whole process including the final press check. And, once the product was delivered to the warehouse, an hour was spent training the customer’s team on how to quickly and efficiently build the PR kits.

Outcome & Results

Launching on time allowed the customer to meet initial demand and recoup ongoing R&D and marketing costs, while also: 

  • Creating a seamless connection between all parts of the sales cycle
  • Not paying for an outside design firm
  • Meeting the deadline to launch on schedule

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