The Top 3 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Custom Packaging Solutions

Now more than ever, it can be difficult to sustain a small business and stand out in such a saturated marketplace. However, there are several steps you can take to invest in your business within budget and help it stand out to consumers. 

One such step is creating custom boxes for your products. By investing in high-quality custom packaging solutions, you can enjoy several benefits for your business and boost profitability. Here are the top three ways your business will benefit from custom packaging:

1. Custom Packaging Creates Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Today’s businesses have a unique marketing opportunity over companies of the past: online unboxing videos. According to Dotcom Distribution, 35 percent of customers report regularly watching unboxing videos, and 55 percent say they’ve purchased a product after watching an unboxing video.

Word of mouth is the best — and cheapest — advertising any company could want. People trust the recommendations of those close to them, whether it’s their best friend, a work colleague, or someone they follow on Instagram. By investing in custom shipping boxes with high-quality branding, you increase the likelihood that your customer will share their unboxing experience online. Whether it’s a full unboxing on YouTube or a brief product shoutout on TikTok, any content that gets your product and your company in front of new eyes is valuable.

In the age of Instagram, how photogenic something is truly matters to consumers. By creating a visually engaging experience for your customers and making your product’s box “Instagrammable”, you’re opening yourself up to a new side of marketing that will prove to be an effective return on investment for your custom boxes.

2. Custom Packaging Improves Brand Perception

It’s not enough just to have people recognize your brand. With so many small businesses in the marketplace, you also want to ensure that your brand has a clear positive association with consumers. 

According to 68 percent of consumers, custom packaging makes a brand seem more upscale. According to 61 percent, custom packaging gets consumers more excited about receiving their products. By customizing your wholesale boxes with high-quality materials and stunning logos, you’re elevating the customer experience and improving their perception of your brand — at a relatively low cost. 

Whereas many companies spend thousands of dollars going to trade shows and creating custom-branded swag, investing a fraction of that cost in custom packaging will connect users to your brand much more effectively. By giving customers high-quality packaging and fast shipping speeds, you gain more customers through word of mouth and good reviews, as well as earn more repeat sales from satisfied customers. 

3. Custom Boxes Better Protect Your Products

Another benefit of custom boxes for businesses is the ability to customize the dimensions of your box to perfectly fit your products. You want to ensure that your products are well protected during transit so that you can keep your customers happy, and there’s no better way to do so than with custom boxes. 

If your product arrives damaged due to excess space in the box, you’ll receive complaints and refund requests from customers. This not only damages your reputation but also hurts you financially. Having to process refunds, send new products out, or risk angering customers can take a toll on your company and hurt its chances of success. Make sure that your product gets there safely and that your customers are always satisfied with the benefits of custom wholesale boxes from Mozaik.

If you’re ready to invest in cost-effective custom packaging solutions for your business, Mozaik can help. Our team of design experts will help you create a strong visual presence, while our state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions will bring your vision to life. With fresh designs, fast lead times, and flexible solutions, we’re the premier choice for custom packaging across all industries. In fact, we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction from start to finish. To learn more about how the Mozaik team can help you with custom cardboard boxes or other custom packaging solutions, contact us online and request a free quote today.